Friday, November 21, 2014

Create New Report and Registration with Oracle Application

Open Report Builder

Start → run → Rwbuilder

 Right click over Module 1 and choose report wizard

Choose the type of layout. I will choose create both web and paper layout and press next

Enter the title of report and choose the report style. I will choose tabular and press next.

Choose the data source type. I will choose SQL Query and press next.

Press Connect Button and enter username, Password and Database  and press connect button

Select the fields you would like to display in your report and press next.

Select the fields for which you would like to calculate the total and press next.

Select available field employee_number and press count button and press next.

Modify the labels and widths for your total as desired. I will go with default. Press next.

Choose the template for report. I will go with no template and press finished button.

Report layout will appear like this

Now we will register our new developed report with Oracle Application.

Open login page

Password: SYSADMIN

Press ‘Enter’ or Click on 'Login' Button.

Choose the responsibility  'System Administrator'

Now we will insert information in Concurrent Program Executable

Navigator →System Administrator →Concurrent → Program →Executable

Following page will display

Now we will enter the information as given below

Save & Close it.

Next step is to define the Concurrent Program

Navigator →System Administrator →Concurrent → Program →Define

Following page will display

Now we will enter the information in Concurrent program

 Save & Close it.

The request group we will define now.

Navigator →System Administrator →Security → Responsibility →Request

We will register our program

Save & Close it.

Now it is time to define responsibility

Navigator →System Administrator →Responsibility → Define

Click on define and below screen will display

Save & Close it.

Now we will add the responsibility to user

Navigator →System Administrator →Security →User→ Define

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