Thursday, August 11, 2016

Query to get the list of form Personalization

Select Distinct ffcr.Id, ffcr.Form_Name, ffcr.Enabled,
       fft.User_Form_Name,  fat.Application_Name, ffcr.Description,
       ffca.Action_Type, ffca.Enabled, ffca.Object_Type,
       ffca.message_type, ffca.message_text
      FND_FORM ff,
      FND_FORM_TL fft,
      Fnd_Application_Tl fat,
      Fnd_Form_Custom_Actions ffca 
where ffcr.form_name = ff.form_name
 And ff.Form_Id = fft.Form_Id
 And ff.Application_Id = fat.Application_Id
 And fft.User_Form_Name Like 'XXCUST%'
 And ffcr.Enabled ='Y'
 and = ffca.rule_id;

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