Sunday, January 25, 2015

Oracle Apps RICE Components

The RICE stands for Reports, Interfaces, Conversions & Extensions/ Enhancements. Oracle apps technical consultant use to work on RICE components to satisfy functional requirements & for achieving the desired functionality.  

Now I will define each of above component.


Oracle apps technical consultant has to develop/ create the report which is not available in the oracle apps module. The reports can be develop/ create using pl/sql and reports builder.


The interface and conversions are similar, only difference is conversion is once and interfaces is ongoing process.

There are two types of interface

1. Inbound Interface
2. Outbound Interface

Inbound Interface: Transferring the data from the legacy system (E.g.: Excel Sheet) into the Oracle apps base tables.
Outbound Interface: Transferring the data from the Oracle apps base tables into the legacy system (E.g: SAP, Peoplesoft etc).


Oracle apps technical consultant writes the code using sql loader to load data from legacy system into oracle apps tables.


Extensions/ Enhancements are also called form personalization; if we wish to enhance the functionality to any required form oracle apps technical consultant will enhance the form using oracle forms developer.

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