Tuesday, January 27, 2015

WHO columns in Oracle EBS

It is best practice if you keep history of record in any application. Oracle implemented the feature of tracking data. The tracking of data stored WHO columns.

Below are the WHO columns exists in almost all tables of Oracle Apps.

• created_by          – Keeps track of user who inserted/created the record.
• creation_date      – Stores the record insertion/creation date.
• last_update_by    – Keeps track of last user who updated the record.
• last_update_date – Stores the record changed/updated date.
• last_update_login – Login Session ID of the user.

Column Name      How data is populated? 
created_by            TO_NUMBER(FND_PROFILE.VALUE(‘USER_ID’))
creation_date         SYSDATE
last_updated_by    TO_NUMBER(FND_PROFILE.VALUE(‘USER_ID’))
last_update_date   SYSDATE

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