Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Create Job Groups

Job Groups

The Job Groups are a collection of jobs. Every business group must have a default job group so that all the jobs can be grouped under the same. However in a case where there is a different line of jobs needed, we can go for a new job group altogether.
Defining Job Groups.
Responsibility: US Super HRMS Manager
Navigation: Work Structure -> Job -> Job Group

Job Group Name of the Job Group; should be unique
Job KFF Structure The Job KFF it uses. We might have more than one Job KFFs.
Business Group Add a Business Group. If the “HR:Cross Business Group” profile option is set to ‘Y’, this should populate automatically.
Master Job Group This is to make the Job Group as a Master Job Group. Master Job Groups are used in Oracle Projects to make job mappings. So it is advised to contact to PA consultant before making the Job group a master one.

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