Monday, October 27, 2014

FRM-92101 there was a failure in the forms server during startup

Solution 1:
  1. Go to directory where you installed E- Business Suite “E:\Oracle\VIS or PROD\apps\tech_st\10.1.2\forms” and check the folder “mesg” whether it exists.
  2. If  "mesg" folder does not exist, then create new folder "mesg" and copy all the “.msb” files from “E:\Oracle\VIS or PROD\apps\tech_st\10.1.2\forms” to “E:\Oracle\VIS or PRDO\apps\tech_st\10.1.2\forms\mesg”.
  3. Restart the server. 
Solution 2:

To avoid this problem Disable the XSS Filter option 

 Internet Explorer →Tools →Internet Options→Security→Local Intranet→Custom Level→Enable XSS filter→Disable