Monday, October 20, 2014

Create Job Key flexfield


Job is a generic Role within a business group that tells us more about the assignment carried out by the employee.
It is independent of a Division / Department. Like, CEO, Director and CFO are Jobs. Jobs are stored in PER_JOBS table. The Job Id is the primary key here, and acts as the foreign key to the PER_ALL_ASSIGNMENTS_F, to link the job to a particular assignment. So let’s shift our focus on how to create and use a job.

Job Key FlexField

This is the first step. Job KFF stores the basic information related to the jobs available in the firm; like we have job like a CEO, CFO, and Director etc. So this is the place where we define those jobs. The first thing that we need is the list of segments we want to use in the Flex Field. So the question we ask ourselves / the business is, what all do we want to store in a Job? Do we need the job name, the occupational function, the title s/he shares, etc? Once the segments are determined, the next step is to figure out the valid values for each and every segment; and create corresponding value sets.

Now we will define Key Flexfield

Responsibility: Application Developer
Navigation: Flex Field -> Key -> Segments

Query (Enter Query (F11) & Execute Query (CTL+F11)) for the FlexField Titled: Job Flex field
Create a new row with appropriate data as defined below in the picture

We have already discussed the steps to create a Key FlexField, so we are not going to revisit that; however we must understand the application of the segments, which will be added to the Job Key FlexField. Now we will click on Segments button and start adding the segments one by one in column field, with a sequence. The name and window prompts are self explanatory. Column is the segment with which the data will actually be stored in the table. We can choose segment 1 to 30. And value set field is the place where we attach our value set. If we wish we can save a segment without a value set that will allow the users to enter any alphanumeric
value in it, up to 150 chars. However it is always advisable to create a value set even if it’s a free text.
We created three segments as given below in the picture.

Once the Segments are defined, close the segments window and freeze the Key FlexField Definition. And Compile it.
Finally run the Run Create Key Flex field Database Items Process. Do not forget to update our lookup types used in our Value sets with available values.

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