Saturday, October 18, 2014

HR Look-Ups (Oracle HRMS)

HR Look Up Codes and Description.

Navigate to Global HRMS Manager > Other Definitions > Application Utilities Lookups.

Lookup Code Description
TITLE Represents TITLE in People Screen.
SEX Represents Gender in People Screen.
PERSON_TYPE Represents Person Types in People Screen.
ORG_TYPE Represents the Organization Type.
MAR_STATUS Represents Marital Status in People Screen.
NATIONALITY Represents Nationality in People Screen.
REGISTERED_DISABLED Represents Registered Disabled in People Screen.
ADDRESS_TYPE Represents Address Type in People Screen.
ABSENCE_CATEGORY Represents Absence Category in Absence Screen.
ABSENCE_REASON Represents Absence Reason in Absence Screen.
APL_ASSIGN_REASON Represents Assignment Change Reason in Application Screen.
APL_INTERVIEW_TYPE Represents Interview Type in Interview Screen.
EMP_EVENT_TYPE Represents Type in Bookings Screen. PER_CM_MTHD Represents Delivery Methods in Communication Delivery Methods Screen.
PROFICIENCY_SOURCE Represents Source of Proficiency Rating in Competence Profile Screen.
CERTIFICATION_METHOD Represents Source of Certification Method in Competence Profile Screen.
CONTACT Represents Relationship Type in Contact Screen.
CONTRACT_TYPE Represents Contract Type in Contract Screen.
CONTRACT_STATUS Represents Contract Status in Contract Screen.
CONTRACT_STATUS_REASON Represents Contract Status Reason in Contract Screen.
DOCUMENT_STATUS Represents Document Status in Contract Screen.
CONTRACT_START_REASON Represents Contract Start Reason in Contract Screen.
CONTRACT_END_REASON Represents Contract End Reason in Contract Screen.
DISABILITY_CATEGORY Represents Disability Category in Disability Screen.
DISABILITY_REASON Represents Disability Reason in Disability Screen.
TERM_APL_REASON Represents Reason for Ending an Application in End Application Screen.
LEAV_REAS Represents Leaving Reason in End Employment Screen.
CONSULTATION_TYPE Represents Consultation Type in Medical Assessment Screen.
CONSULTATION_RESULT Represents Consultation Result in Medical Assessment Screen.
PHONE_TYPE Represents Phone Type in Phones Screen.
PER_SUBJECT_STATUSES Represents Status of Qualification in Qualifications Screen.
PER_SUBJECT Represents Subject in Qualification Screen.
PER_WORK_HOURS Represents Work Hours in Work Preferences Screen.
PER_WORK_SCHEDULE Represents Work Schedule in Work Preferences Screen.
PER_FTE_CAPACITY Represents FTE Capacity in Work Preferences Screen.
VACANCY_CATEGORY Represents Vacancy Category in Requisition and Vacancy Screen.
VACANCY_STATUS Represents Vacancy Status in Requisition and Vacancy Screen.
REC_TYPE Represents Source Type for Recruitment Activity in Requisition and Vacancy Screen.
FREQUENCY Represents Frequency for Review Salary, Review Performance, and Working Hours in Assignment Screen.
QUALIFYING UNITS Represents Units for Probation Period and Notice Period in Assignment Screen.
PQP_EMPLOYER_TYPE Represents Employer Type in Employment History Screen.
PQP_EMPLOYER_SUBTYPE Represents Employer Sub Type in Employment History Screen.
DOCUMENT_CATEGORY Represents Document Category in Documents of Record Screen.

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